Kirby Morgan® KMB28 Bandmask

Kirby Morgan® KMB28 Bandmask

The fully tested and certified KMB 18B & 28B Band Masks may be used in mixed gas diving as well as shallow water diving. The SuperFlow adjustable demand regulators provide low inhalation resistance and high gas flow letting the diver breathe easier and work harder with less exertion. Both masks come standard with the large […]

Kirby Morgan® KMB18 & KMB28 BandMasks with “455” Balanced Regulator

Kirby Morgan’s KMB18 & KMB28 BandMasks are now available with the model 455 Balanced Regulator or the standard Superflow® 350 regulator. The 455 Balanced regulator, P/N 505-455, sets a milestone in surface supplied breathing performance and is also compatible with all Kirby Morgan Helmets and BandMasks® that feature the SuperFlow® 350 or 450 regulators. The […]

Replacement Kirby Morgan® KMB28 BandMask® Frames

Replacement Kirby Morgan® KMB28 BandMask® Frames are available. NOTE: On June 10, 2004, the Kirby Morgan KMB 28B Band Mask was no longer equipped with the small tube Regulator. The large tube SuperFlow 350 regulator became standard on all KMB28 Band Masks. Both versions of the KMB28 BandMask Frame are available. The older frames have a Regulator […]

Kirby Morgan® Molded Face Seal Replacement Kits

Molded Face Seals can now be purchased separately. New replacement molded face seals: P/N 525-725 – KMB Molded Face Seal Replacement Kit Size SMALL P/N 525-726 – KMB Molded Face Seal Replacement Kit Size MEDIUM P/N 525-727 – KMB Molded Face Seal Replacement Kit Size LARGE Products Effected: BandMask® 18 with Molded Face Seal Hood […]

Kirby Morgan® Replacement Foam Kits for Head Cushions

Replacement foam kits are available for all KMDSI Head Cushions and Chin Cushions. Contact us for replacement foam for your Helmet or Chin Cushion. Reseller Restriction This item is reseller restricted. Call us at 206-784-5050 or email to purchase. Images of Kirby Morgan Helmets, Masks, or logos are registered trademarks or Kirby Morgan Dive […]

Kirby Morgan® Discontinues the EXO-BR®

Here is Kirby Morgan’s “Discontinuation of Product Bulletin” for the EXO-BR.  Dive Commercial International will continue to sell parts for EXO Masks, limited to stock on hand. Contact us for price and availability… To see the Bulletin as a JPEG, click HERE Click HERE to see other Kirby Morgan® Products Contact us for information about this and […]