Consignment Kirby Morgan® SL-27 Helmet **SOLD**

Well used helmet that is in good condition. This helmet just had the Annual Certification done and is ready to dive at any moment. Comes with helmet bag and miscellaneous spare parts. Price: $5,200 OBO Images of Kirby Morgan Helmets, Masks, or logos are registered trademarks or Kirby Morgan Dive Systems Inc. Used with permission. Contact […]

Containerized 60″ Chambers (Two Available)

Containerized 60″ Chambers (Two Available)

ASME/PVHO certified chambers are built to ADCI Standards that can be equipped to meet IMCA Guidelines. The containers are DNV certified. These are pre-owned units that are in EXCELLENT CONDITION. These containers are equipped with air conditioners, lights, an interior and exterior fire extinguisher and comes complete with welded pad eyes and NEW DNV Certified Sling Sets. […]

Consignment Kirby Morgan® 17K *SOLD*

This Purple 17K was manufactured in 2000 and was well used till 2010. It has been properly stored ever since. It comes with the original owners manual as well as the Kirby Morgan helmet bag. Attached is a weld lens assembly, just needing a shade lens. The helmet is out of certification, so it will […]

JOK© Diver Recovery Jacket

JOK DIVER RECOVERY JACKET The high quality JOK JACKET provides one assembly containing the three features required when dressing a commercial diver in one easy-to-put-on waistcoat-style harness: · Diver recovery harness · Bail-out bottle holder · Weight belt The JOK JACKET utilizes the world-renowned CE certified JOK Diver Recovery Harness which is load tested to 9000 […]