John Ritter

John has over 40 years experience in commercial diving. Trained in the US Navy, John spent 12 months in Vietnam salvaging Navy craft from the Mekong River and is well versed in the special problems that can confront the commercial salvage diver. In 1972 John worked in the Gulf for Taylor Diving. Returning to Seattle at the end of the season, he was hired as an Instructor for Divers Institute of Technology and started an inland diving company, Pro-Dive.

In 1986 John purchased DIT and in the ensuing years improved and developed the school’s Entry-Level Diver Training Program which was recognized for excellence worldwide. Retiring from DIT in 1999, John went on to be a Consultant and Specialist in Diving Program Development. Presently, he enjoys working with newly established diving companies and programs to assure that ADCI safety standards are met and are in compliance with OSHA & Coast Guard regulations.

He is a current ADCI Gas Diving Supervisor for local commercial diving contractors. Kirby Morgan Dive Systems Inc. certified Repair Technician and Technician Instructor, he also carries instructor certifications in DAN O2, First Aid, CPR, Explosives, and all Commercial Diving Instructor certifications.

Dori Ritter

Dori has 35 years experience in the maritime industry, from commercial fishing to commercial diving. In the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, Dori worked in Alaskan canneries and on fishing boats unloading the catch. Introduced to commercial diving after meeting John Ritter in 1972, Dori was fascinated to learn about the various jobs and equipment used by divers under the surface.

When their 3 daughters were grown, Dori used her background in the maritime industry to open the first and only commercial diving retail store in the Northwest, Pro-Dive Equipment. Now known as Dive Commercial International, Inc., the store specializes in furnishing equipment for the working diver locally, throughout the US, and internationally.

Her passion for the industry keeps her on top of the latest news and products. A staunch supporter of the ADCI and as a proud member, Dori was elected to serve as Treasurer of the organization. After retiring from the ADCI Board of Directors, Dori enjoys serving as the Chair of the ADCI Scholarship Committee. With determination for success, her keen eye is focused on the horizon.

Joney Ritter

Joney has been involved in the diving industry since birth. As children, Joney and her sisters grew up around the campus of Divers Institute of Technology. She worked, during time off from school, in the supply room at DIT becoming familiar with commercial diving helmets, tools and other equipment.

A passion for the water, Joney enjoyed the competition and comradery of swim team and also worked for the Seattle Parks Department and North Kitsap Pool as a Lifeguard and Swimming Instructor. She received her SCUBA certification in 1992, worked at Divers Institute of Technology, then followed her heart to art school with the intention of using her skills in the diving community.

In 1995 her path led back to the commercial diving industry and she joined DCI. Joney made her first MKV dive in October 2006.