C-Tecnics Magnetic Chamber Lamp suitable for all Hyperbaric Environments


The C-Lamp is a safe, reliable and convenient light source for use in hyperbaric chambers. Utilizing the LED technology of our range of underwater divers lamps, the aluminum housed LED array is mounted on to a flexible ‘’goose neck’’ allowing for easy adjustment of direction. The magnetic base can be attached to the chambers’ internal wall, providing you with light when, and exactly where you need it.


Housing Material: Hard Anodized Aluminum

Light Body Length: 79mm (3.1in)

Light Body Diameter: 30mm (1.2in)

Window/Lens: Acrylic

Flexible Neck Length: 300mm (12in)

Base Body Height: 55mm (2.2in)

Base Body Diameter: 60mm (2.4in)

Operating Depth: 1000m (3281ft)

Typical Beam Viewing Angle: 125°

Voltage: 24Vdc

Power Requirement: 83mA

Power Consumption: 2W

Typical Luminous Flux: 139lm @ 83mA

Typical Color Temperature: 5500 ± 500 °K

LED Color: Cool White

Standard Connector: RMG-3MP Tail

Operating Life: 50,000 Hours

Mounting Method: Magnetic Base

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