Digital Multi-Frequency Imaging Sonar

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Using Ethernet communications, this all-in-one, high performance digital imaging sonar can exceed 100 shots per second on the 1 m range at a 2 mm range resolution, producing near-photographic image quality. The 881L is a multi-frequency system that can operate with customized configurations or revert to default settings to match appropriate operating range scales. In addition to the benefits of low power, a simple set-up and installation procedure make this powerful sonar an ideal tool for remotely operated platforms ranging from large work ROV’s to small inspection vehicles, as well as AUV and UUV applications.

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  • ROV, AUV, & UUV

  • Offshore Oil & Gas

  • Sunken Timber Recovery

  • Diving Support

  • Surveying

  • Search & Recovery

  • Inspection

  • Underwater Archaeology

  • Scientific Research


  • Ethernet

  • Programmable

  • Multi-frequency

  • High performance

  • Lower cost

  • Low power

  • Simple set-up and installation

  • Digital telemetry

  • Full scale range from 1 m to 200 m

  • Compact size

  • Communication format available to user

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