C-Tecnics C-Lite

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The C-Lite is a small and compact underwater LED light, its 80mm long with a 30mm diameter and weighs only 144g.

As standard the light’s housing is anodized aluminum and rated to 100m depth which makes it ideal for mounting on diver’s helmets. Alternatively the light is also available with a titanium housing to serve the ROV market (“Ti” added to the part number). 24Vdc with an operating life of 50,000 hours.

The C-Lite light gives of a cool white light and is available with the following Lumen ratings:

CT4004 – C-Lite LED 1700 Lumens

CT4004Ti – C-Lite LED 1700 Lumens – Titanium Casing

CT4006 – C-Lite LED 700 Lumens

CT4006Ti – C-Lite LED 1700 Lumens – Titanium Casing

CT4011 – C-Lite LED 3100 Lumens

CT4012 – C-Lite LED 7000 Lumens

CT4013 – C-Lite LED 2100 Lumens

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