JOK© Diver Recovery Jacket


The high quality JOK JACKET provides one assembly containing the three features required when dressing a commercial diver in one easy-to-put-on waistcoat-style harness:

· Diver recovery harness

· Bail-out bottle holder

· Weight belt

The JOK JACKET utilizes the world-renowned CE certified JOK Diver Recovery Harness which is load tested to 9000 Newtons on each lifting point, providing a 6:1 safety factor.

Size Adjustment

The JOK JACKET has been carefully designed to incorporate diver feedback and permits alteration of size at the shoulder by clever stainless steel slide-bars with large, easy-adjust webbing tags – no more squeezing into a non-adjustable diver vest.

The harness has further adjustments on leg and chest straps, as well as a quantity of two pin-buckle waist belts, ensuring that maximum comfort and security can be achieved easily and in a diving environment.

Weight Release

Diver feedback again told us that there was concern over having to release two weight systems on other makes of vests, so we designed an innovative and unique ‘one-pull’ heavy duty diving weight retention and quick-release system.

Six pockets can each contain up to 4Kg (8#) of lead, which also allows the weights to be adjusted easily and simply by the diving team when on the surface without releasing the QR system.

Bail-out Cylinder Backpack

The rear-mounted cylinder backpack is a strong, durable plastic campac suitable for nearly all commercial bail-out cylinder sizes.


The JOK Diver Recovery Harness is subjected to a rigorous testing procedure where a tensile force of 9000N is applied to each of 3 individual lifting points with no failure in the webbing or stitching. This provides a 6:1 safety factor based on the estimated weight of a fully equipped diver.

It obtains its CE marking as category 3 PPE under regulation (EU) 2016/425 by meeting all the requirements of harmonized standard BS EN-15333:2008 as a lifting harness.