SEASOFT SEABAGS™ are corrosion-resistant, lead shot filled bags made of super strong, high-density neoprene.

These bags are closed with an industrial “Serger” sewing machine and straight-stitched with a walking foot sewing sewing machine for extra strength. These 5 threads of thick 100% nylon protect the seams from opening up, even with rough treatment.  Go ahead and throw a SEABAG into the ground, it won’t break open! Thety are guaranteed for 2 years against the seams coming open!

All of the Size 7.5 lead shot that goes into all SEASOFT’s lead products is coated with multiple layers of graphite to ensure that you and the environment is protected.  SEASOFT SEABAGS™ are built to easily fit into weight-integrated BCs and its other weight carrying products because it is so soft and pliable.  

SEASOFT SEABAGS™ are available in 2, 3, 4, 5 & 10 lb. sizes. 

CARE: SEABAGS should be dried with the main seam facing down to allow any water inside the SEABAG to drain out.  The graphite will protect your lead from corrosion for years as long as you protect the graphite from long exposure to water.  You must rinse and immediately drain the SEABAGS with the seam down.  If not the lead will start to oxidize!  Help us help you – rinse and drain!

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