Nuvair Pro O2 Analyzer

Easy to operate, extremely accurate and stable, the Nuvair Pro O2 unit is preferred by commercial, military, technical, and advanced recreational divers using Nitrox. The Pro O2 analyzer can be placed in line with your compressor during gas production or as a standalone unit testing individual scuba tanks or storage cylinders.

  • Fast Response, Thermally Compensated Sensor

  • Completely Sealed, Water Resistant Housing

  • Ideal for Nitrox Production Use

  • Easy Calibration

  • User Replaceable 9v Battery and Sensor

  • On/Off Switch

  • Highly Accurate and Stable Output

  • Internal Sensor

  • Sample Low Pressure Gas Flow

  • Direct High Pressure Gas Cylinder Analysis

  • 0.1-100.0% Oxygen (0-1 ATA PPO2) range

  • 36 Month Sensor Life

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