3M™ Scotchcast™ 82-A1N Inline Splice Kit, 2 AWG Conductor Size


Here is the information for the 82-A1N Kit:

Conductor Size: #2 AWG Maximum

Connector O.D.: 13/32″ Maximum

Cable O.D. 5/8″ Maximum

Sheath Opening (L): 4 1/2″ Maximum

The 82-A series is UL Listed 486D, File Number E102356. Connector is not included, order separately. Each kit makes one splice.

Use the 3M™ Scotchcast™ Inline Resin Splice Kits 82-A Series to insulate and seal single conductor, unshielded cable splices through 5 kV and multiple conductor cables through 1 kV.


  • One Snap-together mold body

  • Two Funnels

  • Three pieces of tape for sealing mold ends and connector area

  • 1 bag of Scotchcast™ 4 Resin.

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