3M™ Scotchcast™ 82-F1 Splice Kit, 0.25 in. – 0.8 in. Cable OD, 6-1/0 AWG Conductor Size

3M 82-F1 Inline Splice Kits are used for unshielded wet or dry portable power cables and cords with copper conductors. These molds are removable and reusable. The 3M 82-F1 and 82-F2 Inline Splice Kits are rated up to 5 kilovolts for single conductor and up to 1 kilovolts (600/2000 volts. mine portable cable) for multiple conductors.
Each 3M 82-F1 and 82-F2 Inline Splice kit makes one splice. The 3M 82-F1 and 82-F2 Inline Splice kit includes, one clam shell mold body, two pieces of tape for sealing mold ends and connector area, one bag of Scotchcast™ 2130 resin and one abrasive cloth strip.


  • One-piece removable mold

  • Scotchcast 2130 Compound

  • Scotch 23 Tape, for sealing mold ends

  • Abrasive cloth (80J grit)

  • Comprehensive instructions showing proper installation techniques for splicing non-shielded portable power cables and cords.

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