Dive 1st Aid DMAC Kits

The DMAC Commercial Diver Kit is Dive 1st Aids largest and most comprehensive kit for commercial dive operations.

This kit is so extensive; it’s practically a portable hospital. Compliant to the standards set by DMAC (Diving Medical Advisory Committee) associated with IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association), while also meeting those set by the ADCI (Association of Diving Contractors International), USCG (United States Coast Guard), OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), USACE (United States Army Corps of Engineers), and approved for use in Hyperbaric/Decompression Chambers. This kit is broken out in to three separate kits (Diving Bell kit, Hyperbaric Rescue Unit or HRU kit, and Medical First Aid kit) each utilizing a Seahorse© hard case.

Each kit is available on its own, but when these kits are combined they create the ultimate medical resource for any commercial dive operations, no matter how remote.

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