Divers Supply, Inc. Air Control Box, 2 Diver, 3HP Supply, 2 Pneumo, FSW

This 2 diver (Oxygen Umbilical Connections)  air box is custom made and is IMCA compliant.


Three high pressure supplies w/ Tescom regulators installed in the manifold

Two 0-225 FSW pneumo gauges with air supplied from either of the divers,

One primary air supply for each diver

Common back up air supply with isolator valves

Three high pressure whips, 4 foot long w/scuba yoke cylinder connections on the supply end and stainless steel quick disconnects on the manifold end

Two air sample valves (one for each diver)

Five 300 psi gauges with 2.5″ face

Three 5000 PSI gauges with 2″ face

Six case closure latches

Case measures: Height 29″ X Width 20″ X Depth 10″

Three Case Handles: two flip up handles & one pull up handle for use with roller wheels

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