AMRON Amcommand II

The Amron Amcommand II is a portable, self contained, two diver complete dive system. The Amcommand II provides all of the operations necessary to monitor and control the diving operation. The system is a central control point for the supply of breathing air to the divers, monitors the divers depth, provides an audio alarm if the divers air pressure falls below a preset limit, and provides superior communications for two divers and topside personnel.

Easy set-up with high pressure sources or low pressure air which greatly extends search and rescue diving capabilities. To use the new Amcommand II with 4500PSIG inlet supply, simply change the yoke assembly with the Model SAA5300, 300 BAR DIN adapter. The communications system can be both full duplex or simplex. The optional Wireless Tender provides the tender or operator with freedom around the dive sight while staying in constant communication with the divers. The case is extremely strong and durable constructed of pressure fused fiberglass that provides a convenient, compact, rugged and professional system designed for years of reliable operation.

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