AMRON Amcommand I

The Amcommand I has both high and low pressure inlet supply connections and can handle two separate 4500PSIG inlet sources. The compact Tescom high flow regulator is user adjustable which allows the operator to select the divers’ outlet pressure depending on the helmet or mask requirements. The full size, 6″ Pneumo gauge is easy to read with dual FSW/MSW scales and has the highest accuracy rating in the industry. Individual shut off valves, check valves, relief valve and 50 micron in-line filter complete the air control system. The Amcommand I includes a panel-mounted one diver radio which features both 2 and 4 wire communications capability. This 22-watt radio has an extended gel-cell rechargeable battery life, a built in universal charger, VCR compatible tape record jack and a hand held microphone. The two 6 foot HP supply whips are complete with the ‘A’ style yoke to fit a standard scuba bottle (CGA-850 connection, 3000PSIG max) and internally stored in the lid.

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