Support on Short Notice

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At Dive Commercial International we have made it a point to be available to our customers. Residing nearby the store, the staff at Dive Commercial can be reached 24 hours a day. An after-hour number is available by calling the store at 206-784-5050 or find it here on our Contact Us page.

There have been several memorable instances of emergency sales and delivery of product to a customer. On one occasion we met a diver from Portland at 1:00 am to furnish him with a SL17 that he required for a job that morning. Another occasion was a Saturday purchase of a Miller helmet, by a diver from Vancouver, BC on his way to SeaTac airport, for a diving job in India.

In August, 1999, a Friday afternoon emergency delivery of Broco Cutting Rod to the Coos Bay, Oregon, site of the New Carissa project, allowed divers to continue their work through the weekend. Although well out of our delivery parameter, we drove 7 hours to deliver the rod. The salvage, a joint venture between DonJon Marine and Fred Devine Diving and Salvage, was a year-long effort during which the ship was cut in two, half of it taken out to sea and sunk and the remaining half partially dismantled and carried away. Invited to see the site via helicopter, we were treated to a rare look and a great photo opportunity of the remainder of the ship.

Although situations such as this are rare, we strive to provide the best possible service to our customer, big or small. It is costly to have to delay a  job due to lack of equipment. Although our store is closed to the public in the evening and weekends, appointments may be arranged for you. In the event your required equipment is not in stock, we have arranged for many of our manufacturers to drop-ship the items directly to you.

Contact our sales team for pricing and delivery information or if you are in need of any other commercial diving equipment