Save A Dive Kit

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The name tells it all, or does it? This is not your normal Save A Dive kit. Yes, it has the 20 piece O-Ring kit, fin strap, snorkel retainer, mouthpiece, mask strap and zip-ties. This kit also comes with defog, nail clippers, zipper care, double ended brass clip, silicone lube, Dive Multi-tool, needle nose pliers, 2 wrenches, and wetsuit seal cement. With your choice of a soft rollup case, that will fit in our Save A Dive Accessory Pouch and attach it to your first aid kit, or a SEAHORSE© SE300 hard case. Why take the risk of your gear breaking right when you need it most, and not having the things you need to fix it. Can you dive without one? Yes, but why would you.

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