Safetec SaniZide Plus® Surface Disinfectant

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SaniZide Plus® Surface Disinfectant Spray is one of the disinfectant/deodorizers recommended by Kirby Morgan© as a disinfectant for the inside of your Kirby Morgan Helmet or BandMask. SaniZide Plus® Surface Disinfectant Spray is a convenient, fast-acting, multi-purpose, broad-spectrum disinfectant/deodorizer for environmental surfaces. The alcohol free formulation is a non-corrosive, EPA registered, quaternary ammonium compound. Use this product to clean off your Oral Nasal Mask, the Nose Block Pad or any other parts of the inside of your helmet or mask to where germs may exist.

  • EPA Registered

  • Effective against Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)

  • For use in industrial, institutional, commercial, medical and residential facilities, equipment and vehicles

  • Helps you to comply with O.S.H.A. Bloodborne Pathogens Standard, which requires the use of an “appropriate disinfectant” that is tuberculocidal and virucidal against HIV-1 and HBV

  • For use on…

Glass, Porcelain, Ceramic, Metal, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Vinyl, Polyester, Rubber, Bakelite and many more hard surfaces Alcohol-free formula Kills HBV, HIV, HCV and TB Ready-to-use hospital grade disinfectant Virucidal, Tuberculocidal, Fungicidal, Bactericidal Controls mold and mildew Neutralizes odors and freshens in one step.

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