Ocean Technology Systems ME-16R® Hot Mic® (150 Ohm)


The patented ME-16R Hot Mic® evolved from many years of research and development to design a true noise canceling microphone that can withstand the harsh marine environment. Many off-the-shelf elements have been used in diving helmets and full face masks (ffm), but require some sort of protection. The protection usually compromises the quality defeating its use.

The Hot Mic has proven itself time and time again on many movie sets and Search & Rescue operations. The sound quality produced using a Hot Mic is second to none.

How does it work? A special membrane is used on both sides of the diaphragm which allows air, but not water, to enter. This allows the microphone to cancel noise that is more then 1/4″ away. Noise such as air, bubbles and breathing sounds are virtually eliminated. This is especially noticed when using a full-face mask with an oral-nasal cavity. We have been contracted many times to help produce TV and/or Motion Pictures when studio-quality sound is a must.

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