Kirby Morgan® KMB18 & KMB28 BandMask® Hood W/Molded Face Seal


Replacement Hoods with Molded Face Seals are available for the KMB18 & KMB28 BandMask. These molded seals are available in various sizes.

NOTE: The Hoods for KMB18 & KMB28 are different. Be sure that you order the correct hood for your model BandMask.

Click HERE to see the sizing instruction sheet. This sheet will show you how to measure your head and face and will show you the Part Number for your model BandMask (KMB18 or KMB28) that matches your measurements.

Click HERE is you prefer the One size fits all Hood with Foam Seal.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Reseller Restriction

This item is reseller restricted. Call us at 206-784-5050 or email to purchase.

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