Kirby Morgan® Air Train Gasket


The Air Train Gasket, Part #510-762, is made from high quality rubber and eliminates the need to use silicone sealant to seal the edge of the air train on the inside of fiberglass helmet shells or mask frames. It also eliminates having to fill the hole (with silicone sealant) where the Alignment Screw is located so that air does not bypass the Air Train.

The Air Train Gasket provides a watertight seal along the metal edge of the air train and in the Alignment Screw hole. Eliminating silicone sealant from the interior of the helmet will help to speed up sideblock and air train service time by reducing the need to clean up excess sealant and/or old sealant.

Note: This product will NOT fit stainless steel helmets and the KMB-28 BandMask®.

The new Air Train Gasket P/N 510-762 is easily installed in all fiberglass Kirby Morgan® helmets and the KMB 18 BandMask®.

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