Kirby Morgan® 525-211 Sealed Pull Pin Overhaul Kit


The 505-110 Sealed Pull Pins used on KMDSI helmets work extremely well and have shown to be very reliable with only minimal maintenance. The reliability stems from the Pull Pins being filled with silicone oil and sealed with O-rings. The silicone oil allows smooth hydraulic operation while preventing sand and debris from entering the sleeve. Under mild conditions the Pull Pins will operate for one to two years before the sliding surfaces start to wear the O-rings, allowing oil leakage to occur and eventually resulting in stiff operation. Diving in salt water with minimal rinsing, as well as welding, burning and especially jetting, will cause accelerated wear of the O-rings and possible corrosion of the Pull Pin components.

The P/N 525-211 Instructions explain this as well as how to disassemble and reassemble the Sealed Pull Pins with new parts. Please read this document thoroughly.

Click HERE to see the P/N 525-211 Instruction document.

Click HERE to see the P/N 525-211 Instruction Video.

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