Innovative Dive Equipment Rail System

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The Accessory Rail System by Innovative Dive Equipment Inc. makes it easy to mount lights, cameras, and other devices to various full face masks, and dive hats.

The heart of the system is the Accessory Rail, and Universal Slide. Once a device (light, camera, etc.) is mounted to a Universal Slide it can easily be moved between divers who have installed Accessory Rail Systems on their full face masks, and dive hats.

At this time they manufacture Accessory Rail mounts for:

  • Interspiro MK II FFM (AGA mask)
  • OTS Guardian FFM
  • KM Stainless Steel Dive Hats
  • KM fiberglass Dive Hats
  • Band Masks
  • KM 48 Mod One
  • Gorski dive hat

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