OTS Guardian Full Face Mask


With over 60 years of diving experience and having sold almost every full face mask of the market, the team at OTS put thier heads together to create the ultimate Full Face mask, designed with divers in mind. The Guardian was designed with a double seal, allowing for the comfort of both small and large faces. Variety of Colors are offered in any combination: The skirt is available in three colors – Black, Blue & Yellow. The Frame and accents are available in Blue, Black, Green, Pink, Red, & Yellow. Other GFFM Features include: Equalizing system which helps fit virtually all noses. Low profile (visibility is superb) Hose comes off the right side (most preferred by divers) Easily adjustable head straps & robust buckles. Ambient Breathing Valve (ABV) Easily removable 2nd stage regulator (great for storage and maintenance) Mask bag and low pressure supply hose

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