Evolution Hot Water Suit

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Northern Diver’s latest developement in their Hot Water Suit line.

This suit is based around a unique heavy anodized aluminum water distribution valve, with its unique 360 degree stainless steel quick connector. The water flows along an anti-kink rubber pipe profile designed by and unique to Northern Divers.

The pipes are held in place by a padded neoprene cover for comfort. All pipe runs are directed for comfort during those long bell runs.  The New flat pipe technology provides more comfort and 20% better flow rate.

The arms and legs can be trimmed to length and the pipe passed backwards through the ladder hole adjusters. There is the facility on the pipe, for the front chest and back neck, to take a hot water feed to the mask to heat the faceplate.

The suit fabric is constructed from high grade nonshrink neoprene with a high rubber solids content, lined on the outside with a durable Swiss pique canvas fabric.

CE Approved diving suit for use in excess of 50 Meters diving depth. This suit was tested at the Balmoral, UK Platform in the North Sea, at 355 METERS deep.

Features Include:

  • Reinforced knee and shin pads.

  • 2 x deep thigh pockets

  • Heavy duty zipper

  • Fleece lined neck

  • Neoprene shoulder epaulettes – so harness won’t slide off

  • Light reflective strips

Sizes: S, M, ML-T, L, L-T, L-Relaxed, XL, XL-T, XL-Relaxed, XXL, XXL-Relaxed, XXXL, XXXL-Relaxed

Northern Diver Hotwater Suit Gloves and Boots also available.

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