Dow Corning 732 Multi-Purpose Sealant 3 Oz. Tube w/Trimmable Tip

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Dow Corning 732 Multi-Purpose Sealant is a paste-like, one component silicone RTV designed for a wide variety of industrial sealing and adhesive applications. It cures at room temperature by reaction with moisture in the air to produce a durable, flexible silicone rubber.

Dow Corning 732 Multi-Purpose Sealant I recommended for use by Kirby Morgan when replacing a Side Block Assembly, rear and side weights, handle and bottom ring on a KMDSI Helmet or Band Mask.


  • One-component adhesive/sealant

  • Cures at room temperature when exposed to moisture in the air

  • Acetoxy cure system

  • Non-sag, paste consistency

  • Easy to apply

  • Cures to a tough, flexible rubber

  • Good adhesion to many substrates


  • Adhering auto and appliance trim, including metal, fabric and fabric-backed plastics

  • Bonding gaskets in heating and refrigeration units

  • Sealing trailers and truck cabs

  • Sealing marine cabins and windows

  • Sealing windows in oven doors and flues on gas appliances, flanged pipe joints and access doors

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