NORTHERN DIVER Divemaster Evolution 12 Drysuit – Commercial

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Northern Diver’s Divemaster is sufficiently hard-wearing and designed to be the first choice for active sport use and the UK’s major commercial diving schools. Manufactured from a specially formulated 5mm hyper-compressed neoprene, the Divemaster allows freedom of movement and real diving flexibility. Hyper-compressed is not just a name to increase product appeal, this is a full commercial process requiring the use of a 500 ton heated press. Although this may sound excessive, this is a necessary process to achieve the highest possible standards in neoprene manufacturing. The versatility of the Divemaster allows you to use it in conjunction with any of our undersuits. For example, Thermalux in mild European waters or Metalux Temperate for more extreme diving conditions, such as ice diving and long duration cold water diving. Durability is increased by the heavy-duty pique nylon outer shell. Thermal properties are also improved using our unique Ti-Ax® Thermacote® heat-reflecting system. Even in the most testing diving conditions, with a whole host of premium features as standard, this drysuit really is a leader in reliability. Available as a perfectly fitting made-to-measure suit but with 17 men’s and 10 ladies’ standard off-the-peg sizes, most divers will be able to make an instant splash.

Zipper Location: Rear Entry

Zipper Material: Resin Injected Hyper-Compressed 5mm Neoprene Zipper

Specifications: BDM 5 Pitch Dry-Zip with External Cover Shoulder / Knee Pads: Rock-Fabric/Kevlar Shoulder/Knee Protectors Neck

Wrist Seals: Rubatex (Neoprene Style)

Default Pockets: Bellow & Transporter Pockets (custom options available)

Optional Fly-Zipper: Yes

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