Commercial Diver Log Book

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This book is a hard cover log book designed specifically for commercial divers. A hard cover, stitched log book is the conventional format required today. It is a legally bound book accepted by courts of law and approved by the Association of Diving Contractors International, Dept. of Labor, OSHA, and the U.S. Coast Guard. Included are pages for Personal Information, Record of Medical Examinations, Employment Records, Training Records, C-Card Requirements, Classification Documentation, Specialized Training Documents, and Instructions. Over 200 pages are included for a “Record of Dive”, which describes the bottom condition, temperature, visibility and current, Bell Bounce Dives, Surface Decompression and Saturation Dives. Also included are spaces to record breathing apparatus used, breathing mixtures, work description, equipment and tools, and much more! The Commercial Diver Log Book is the currently accepted and most used log book in the industry today.

Hardcover: 220 pages, limited to stock on hand…

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