“C-Tecnics” Diver Rack Video & Comms System

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The new C-Tecnics rack unit is a complete dive station suitable for any dive!

  • 3 Divers Comms Unit
  • 22″ Split Screen Monitor
  • 1TB Disk Drive & DVD Recorder
  • Dual Camera & Lamp Supplies
  • Video Editing Software
  • UPS Backup Power Supply for Safe Shutdown
  • USB Interfaces
  • Blank Panels for Additional Units
  • 2 Free HDD bays for Additional

HDDs Complete diver video and communication system, the C-Tecnics Rack Systems incorporates C-Tecnics products, including the 3 diver C-Phone comms unit, dual camera & lamp supply unit and HDD recorder.

The 3 diver C-Phone is a comms unit build using modern electronics to give you the sound quality you deserve. The C-Phone allows you to switch communication from diver to diver or all divers at once. It incorporates its own rechargeable battery for back-up in the event of mains power failure.

The dual camera and lamp supply is capable of supplying power to 2 sets of cameras and lamps as standard, there is room for an additional power supply to be fitted if further cameras and lamps are required.

The unit come complete with a 1TB hard disk drive for recording diver’s video and comms and includes video editing software. The HDD unit also has room for additional hard drive and has several USB interfaces for transferring video and comms files.

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