C-Tecnics “C-Vision R”, Rack Mounted Video & Communications System

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Rack mounted version of our proven, reliable portable system, tailored for fixed installations such as containerized systems.


Live recording of 2 video streams

3 raw video outputs

Raw video output can be monitored/recorded externally

Camera power control for all 3 channels

Full light intensity adjustment for 3 divers 2-wire 3 Divers communication (4-wire optional)

Wired headset interface (wireless optional)

Rear desktop microphone interface (optional)

Ready for C-DVR interfacing

2x HDMI Outputs

3x USB Outputs (1 front, 2 rear)

LAN Output


2 channel split screen recorder

2 channels may be split on one screen or between 2 screens *

Dive timer

Customised text overlay with ability to move location of text

Switch between full screen and split screen

Snapshot feature

Various changeable settings, such as video encoding format, video bitrate, snapshot format, snapshot quality and audioplayback.


Intel i5 processor


80GB SSD OS drive

500GB SSD storage drive

Additional Software Options

Microsoft Media Player

Microsoft Movie Maker


Microsoft Office Suite*

VLC Player*


Others available on request*                                          *may incur additional cost

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