BROCO® Cutting Gear

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The Ultimate Underwater Cutting Tools

Broco® Underwater’s Ultrathermic Cutting System was developed by a team who understood the needs and requirements of working divers. Their experience in the water and their commitment to new technology and performance standards always ensures optimum underwater cutting performance and maximum safety.

Broco® Underwater systems easily cut sheet pile, remove tubular supports, and trim damaged propellers and more. Slag free gouging means safe and easy weld removal and edge preparation. ANU (Approved for U.S. Navy Use) designated and featured in the U.S. Navy’s “Underwater Cutting and Welding” manual, the Broco® Underwater Ultrathermic Cutting System is used by navies around the world.

BR-22 Cutting Torch

  • designed for diver comfort and reducing forearm fatigue

  • high-impact and corrosion resistant materials

  • connections are threaded for maintenance ease

  • non-conductive flexible coupler joins the O2 control valve to the torch head

  • flash arrestor with filter screen protects the diver and torch without restricting O2

  • Interchangeable collet sizes

  • can also be used as a welding electrode holder

Ultrathermic Cutting Rods

  • 10,000° F cuts or melts virtually any known material

  • alloy core wires retained by circular crimps prevents torch burnback

  • bendable without losing O2 flow for hard to reach places

  • no electrical requirement, can be used with a maximum of 150 amps

  • will burn until O2 supply ends or rod is consumed

  • available sizes are 1/4″ or 3/8″ in diameter, 18″ or 36″ long

High Volume Oxygen Regulator

  • multi-stage unit

  • delivers constant flow and high volume

  • easy to use, efficient, and durable

  • Underwriters Laboratories Listed

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