Stanley Tools Hydraulic Underwater Drill DL07

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The Stanley Underwater Hydraulic Drill DL07 is the ideal underwater tool used by commercial divers for drilling holes in wood, metal and masonry. The Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Drill DL07 features the Stanley Hyrevz gear-type motor. The Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Drill DL07 also features instant reverse for high reliability and efficiency in all types of underwater drilling applications.

The Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Drill DL07 comes furnished with hose whips but no quick disconnect couplers.

Dual-Position Assist Handle on the Stanley Underwater Hydraulic Drill DL07 provides the commercial diver increased control and performance on tough underwater drilling jobs. The oversized feathering trigger and its insulated handle coating provides better control of drill speed and increased commercial diver comfort, better grip and reduced commercial diver fatigue.

The new over-sized reversing spool of the Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Drill DL07 is protected by heavy-duty wiper seals. These wiper seals clean away dirt as the spool is moved. Dirt cannot get in between the spool and housing bore to create leak-causing scratches. A clean spool always runs in the housing; the dirt is left outside.

The built-in reverse-check valve prevents commercial divers operating the Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Drill DL07 Underwater Tool when reverse is plumbed to the hydraulic system. Preventing reverse operation ensures a long operating life for the hydraulic seals. Coated with a thick, tough layer of foamed-plastisol, the handle transmits very little heat. The foamed plastisol gives a more comfortable grip to the underwater tool. The forward position of the handle places more of the underwater tool weight on the commercial diver’s hand for better balance and control.


  • 12 gpm (45 lpm) maximum operating range at the commercial diver

  • 1/2 in. keyed Jacobs Chuck

  • Dual Position Assist handle for increased commercial diver control and performance

  • Oversized feathering trigger provides better control of drill speed and increased commercial diver comfort

  • Plastisol insulated handle coating gives better grip and reduces commercial diver fatigue

  • Built-in reverse-check valve prevents the commercial diver from operating the wrench when reverse is plumbed to the hydrualic system.

  • Flush-face quick disconnect couplers are sold separately.  For couplers, please contact us and ask for the Stanley Tools 03971 Coupler Set.


  • Capacity: 1/2 in. chuck (12 mm Chuck)

  • Performance:

    • 4 ft. lbs. at 500 psi (0.5 Nm at 35 bar)

    • 9 ft. lbs. at 1000 psi (1.2 Nm at 70 bar)

    • 14 ft. lbs. at 1500 psi (1.9 Nm at 105 bar)

    • 19 ft. lbs. at 2000 psi (2.6 Nm at 140 bar)

  • Flow range:

    • 350 rpm at 3 gpm (350 rpm at 11.3 lpm)

    • 475 rpm at 4 gpm (475 rpm at 15 lpm)

    • 750 rpm at 6 gpm (750 rpm at 23 lpm)

    • 1000 rpm at 8 gpm (1000 rpm at 30 lpm)

    • 1250 rpm at 10 gpm (1250 rpm at 38 lpm)

  • Maximum flow: 12 gpm (45.4 lpm)

  • Pressure: 2000 psi maximum (140 bar maximum)

  • Ports: -8 SAE O-ring

  • Weight: 6 lbs. (2.7 kg)

  • Length: 9 in. (22.9 cm)

  • Motor: Hyrevz™ motor

  • System Type: Open center/Closed center

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