Ocean Technology Systems SP-100D2

The SP-100D Suface Buddy Phone uses state-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing circuitry (DSP – known as “Software Defined Radio”) has been incorporated ensuring great performance and clarity. The DSP Squelch circuitry is second to none. The SP-100D will operate with all Single Sideband acoustic underwater devices within range and on the same frequency. The user simply places the SP-100D in a secure area, lowers the 35′ transducer cable in the water, turns the power On and talks via a hand held microphone.   All divers and/or other surface stations within range and the same frequency will receive the message.  When any other persons within range and on the same frequency talks, the voice will be heard from the front panel speaker of the SP-100D.  The SP-100D is a compact 2 channel surface station that operates on 16 AA Alkaline batteries.

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