Replacement Kirby Morgan® KMB28 BandMask® Frames

Replacement Kirby Morgan® KMB28 BandMask® Frames are available.

NOTE: On June 10, 2004, the Kirby Morgan KMB 28B Band Mask was no longer equipped with the small tube Regulator. The large tube SuperFlow 350 regulator became standard on all KMB28 Band Masks.

Both versions of the KMB28 BandMask Frame are available. The older frames have a Regulator Mount Hole that is 7/8 inches diameter. The newer KMB28 Frames have a 1 inch diameter Regulator Mount Hole.

Make sure you measure the Regulator Mount Hole before ordering.

To order the pre June 2004 KMB28 Frame with the smaller Regulator Mount Hole, order P/N 520-096.

To order the KMB28 Frame for BandMasks manufactured after June 2004, order P/N 520-125.

If you are not sure which frame and regulator you have, Contact Kirby Morgan. Provide them with the serial number of your KMB28 BandMask frame so they can advise you of which frame you need to order.

Reseller Restriction

This item is reseller restricted. Call us at 206-784-5050 or email to purchase.

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