NORTHERN DIVER HID Tri-Laminate Drysuit

The most technical drysuit, in our Tri-Laminate suit range, its sleek design and super close fitting style, featuring Northern Diver’s unique ‘Constant Fit’ Torso-Flex system, has been very well received within the technical diving and wreck diving community.

This unique system, unlike most membrane drysuits, enables the mid section of the drysuit to constantly adjust and flex, during the dive, allowing freedom of movement but without the need for excess drysuit material.

In addition, the ‘ballistic nylon’ outer fabric of Northern Divers HID drysuit includes ten coats of butyl rubber, bonded to a super comfortable polyester inner fabric. This produces the ultimate hard wearing heavy-duty drysuit material and with the addition of super high-visibility 3M style light reflective overprinting, featuring microspheres which reflect 95% of all visible light, this really is a High Intensity Drysuit.

All front-entry drysuits need extra length in the body, to allow the drysuits neck seal to be extended sufficiently, so that the user can easily pull the neck seal over their head. Without this extra length, the zip would be under excessive pressure, during fitting or removing and the users neck could also be subjected to additional unnecessary stress.

However, as this extra length usually results, again, in a excess drysuit material in the mid section, our ‘Constant Fit’ Torso-Flex system allows the body of the suit to extend, when fitting but also retracting to its original position, once fitted. This results in a closer fitting drysuit, without having excess suit material during a dive but with the additional flexibility, during the fitting and removing of the suit.

Northern Divers ‘Constant Fit’ Torso-Flex system also permits the user to easily perform all the required movements, when diving in the HID drysuit. Kneeling down, reaching high, reaching back or merely bending forwards, is far easier, thanks to this unique system, as it works with the diver, allowing a previously unprecedented level of Tri-Laminate drysuit movement.

Also, for military operations, we also fit ceramic panels for additional ballistic protection. Not something required on the average UK dive but worth mentioning, as it is reassuring to know that the level of drysuit quality demanded by our military divers and personnel, is also accessible (in its basic specification) to all our recreational and sport diving customers.

Ballistic Nylon Tri-Laminate Material

•  Sealed-For-Life Vulcanised Rubber Taped Seams

•  Unique ‘Constant Fit’ Torso-Flex System

•  Self Loading Front-Entry Dry Zip System

•  Ultra Heavy-Duty Hard Sole Boots

•  Super-Stretch Neoprene Neck Seal

•  Heavy Duty Latex Wrist Seals

•  Super High-Vis 3M Style Light Reflective Overprinting

•  High Performance Inflation and Variable Exhaust Valves

Sizes: S, M, ML, L , XL, XXL

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