NORTHERN DIVER Divemaster Gents Drysuit & Undersuit Package

Divemaster Drysuit:

Our Divemaster drysuit is a hard wearing and super flexible Neoprene drysuit, which has become the first choice for active sport divers, commercial divers and the UK’s best commercial diving schools.

Manufactured from our own, specially formulated, 4mm Hyper-Compressed Closed-Cell Neoprene, our Divemaster drysuit allows superior freedom of movement and fantastic diving flexibility. Hyper-compressed is not just a ‘sales’ term, this is a comprehensive commercial process, involving a huge 500 ton heated Neoprene press Although it may sound excessive, this is an extremely necessary part of the process, required to achieve the highest possible standards in the manufacture of our drysuit Neoprene.

Durability is increased further by using a Heavy-Duty ‘pique’ nylon outer shell and thermal properties are also improved, using our unique Ti-Ax® Thermacote® heat-reflecting system. Even during the most demanding and testing diving conditions or dive environments, with a whole host of premium features as standard, our Divemaster drysuit really is a world leader in dry diving suit reliability.

In addition, if you would prefer your drysuit to be supplied with Fitted Braces, our unique Dryglove Ring System, an Attached Hood or even a fitted Fly ‘convenience’ Zip, our Divemaster drysuit offers you these products (and more) as optional extras, to meet your exact diving needs and to suit your own unique dive preferences.

Metalux Temperate Undersuit:

Metalux® is our unique and innovative undersuit material, insulating and reflecting a divers body heat back toward the diver, even if the undersuit material becomes wet.

Our unique Metalux® material now has an enviable reputation, for being one of the most efficient, lightweight, high performance, insulation materials available. Specifically designed to keep air migration to an absolute minimum, whilst reflecting the maximum amount of thermal radiation back to the diver.

In addition, unlike ordinary thermal materials, Metalux® retains its impressive insulating qualities even if wet, compressed or (in an unfortunate situation) completely soaked and the unique quilted construction also allows this unique material to retain its thermal integrity, throughout the life of the undersuit.

The Metalux® Temperate is the middle weight model in our bespoke drysuit undergarment range and has been fleece-lined, for the ultimate in comfort and warmth. The materials used are also bacteria and fungus resistant and the undersuit has been specifically designed and carefully constructed to be fully machine washable, for convenience.

undersuit would provide an adequate level of thermal protection, if used in conjunction with a Neoprene drysuit. For under a membrane or tri laminate drysuit, in colder diving environments (less than 10 degrees) or for divers that do not tolerate the cold, our Metalux® Arctic undersuit, with a thermal weight of around 350g, offers the ultimate dry diving suit thermal protection.

Divemaster Drysuit Features:

•  Neo-Vulcanised, Insulated and Durable Hard-Soled Boots

•  Bonded For Life Neoprene Drysuit Seams

•  Medium Duty High-Spec BDM Dry Zipper

•  Ultra Low Profile Inflation and Exhaust Valves

•  Velcro Opening Right Pocket with Knife Attachment

•  Zipped Transporter Left Pocket with External D-Ring

•  Light and Radar Reflective Overprinting for Added Safety

•  Matching Hood with Light and Radar Reflective Printing

•  Drysuit Bag and Maintenance Kit Included

Metalux® Temperate Undersuit Features:

•  Unique Fibre Mix Reflects Body Heat (Even if Wet)

•  Fleece Lined for the Ultimate in Comfort and Warmth

•  Bacteria and Fungus Resistant Material and Lining

•  Water Repellent Nylon Outer Shell

•  Elasticated Foot Stirrups to Prevent Bunching

•  Hip Pockets and a Single ‘Left Chest’ Pocket

•  Fully Machine Washable

•  Ultra Lightweight Dry-Fast Construction

Available in all sizes

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