Kirby Morgan® KM97 Stainless Steel Helmet…

The KM97 is the latest KMDSI stainless steel diving helmet. P/N 500-700

The All-New 455 Balanced Regulator sets the KM97 apart from all other models. The 455 balanced regulator is all stainless steel and offers virtually the same superior breathing performance as the REX® regulator, with a lower profile. The overall outstanding performance of the 455 regulator sets a new stan­dard for commercial diving helmets and BandMasks®. The KM97 helmet has all the advancements & features found in other KMDSI stainless steel model Helmets.


P/N 500-700 – KM97 With Posts,

P/N 500-701 – KM97 With Male Waterproof Connector.


The Kirby Morgan® KM97 helmet has been tested and conforms to the performance requirements as set forth in Annex II of Directive 89/686/EEC and, as far as applicable, the EN 250:2000, EN 250/A1:2006 and EN 15333-1:2008 (class B). It is fully CE marked with balanced 455 demand regulator and oral nasal mask.

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