DESCO Mark V Commercial Diving Helmet

For extensive deep sea diving, the DESCO Commercial Diving Helmet is the perfect choice to keep you safe and secure under the sea. This four light commercial diving helmet has been designed and constructed with only the highest quality materials and workmanship for long lasting performance. This deep sea diving helmet is much like the U.S. Navy Mark V, with similar material and construction. However, the four light diving helmet has a design which is simpler yet just as rugged. The breastplate will fit dresses with a commercial collar only. It uses standard Navy connections for air and communications. The exhaust valve is also a double spring adjustable Navy type. Communications is standard in the four light commercial diving helmet. The standard finish for this deep sea diving helmet is Tin plated but it can be ordered polished at an additional cost.

Standard fittings included with Four Light Commercial Helmet:

  • Double spring, adjustable tension, automatic exhaust valve with exterior star-wheel, interior chin button, and banana tube to exhaust air to the rear of the helmet.

  • Non-return valve with standard submarine threads.

  • Breastplate eyelets for hose and lifeline attachments.

  • Breastplate and faceplate gaskets.

  • Spitcock

  • Telephone cup

  • Transceiver

  • Telephone Gooseneck

  • Spring Lock

  • Front window is circular and uses a screw in type faceplate.

  • Side windows are oval and are mounted horizontally (can be mounted vertically by request).

  • Oval top window.

Approximate shipping weight 58 lbs

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