Kirby Morgan® 455 Balanced Regulator “Conversion” Kits

Upgrade your KMDSI Helmet or BandMask by replacing your original regulator with Kirby Morgans 455 Balanced Regulator (standard equipment on the KM97 Helmet) .

The 455 Balanced regulator is a downstream balanced poppet design, and is featured on the new KM 97 Helmet. Like the widely used SuperFlow® 350, the 455 Balanced has a multi turn bias adjustment allowing the diver to compensate for variations in supply pressure and changes in physical attitude.

The regulator body is made of 316 stainless steel, as are all its other metal components. The 455 Balanced regulator is designed and engineered to be rugged, long lasting and easy to disassemble for simple, fast, cleaning and servicing.

P/N 525-765 “455 Balanced Regulator Conversion Kit” is for replacing Superflow® 350 regulators. 

P/N 525-385 “Conversion Kit” is for replacing the Rex regulator on a KM77 Helmet with a Superflow 350 regulator.

P/N 525-769 “Conversion Kit” is for replacing the Rex regulator on a KM77 Helmet.

Videos showing the correct procedures for replacing the Rex pod and regulator with the 455 regulator and pod are shown below. 

DCI recommends that this work be done by certified KMDSI technicians only.

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1. These kits do not fit on the SL17A/B or KMB18/28 BandMasks with a small bore regulator mount tube or the KM47 helmet.

2. The 455 regulator will only fit on a SL27 manufactured after March 8, 2016 or a SL27 after the shell is modified by a KMDSI Technician who has been trained and certified by KMDSI to do the modification.

 Reseller Restriction

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