Kirby Morgan® Welding Lense and Welding Shield Assembly Kits

The Welding Lens Assembly (P/N 525-403) will fit all SuperLite® and Kirby Morgan® Helmets and BandMasks®. Each Port Retainer comes with two slotted plug screws which are designed to protect the two threaded holes for mounting the Welding Lens and Welding Shield Assembly. Below (in blue) is a link showing the parts that are included in the Welding Lens Assembly kit:

P/N 525-403

There are three densities of lens available:

Part # 525-405 Lens, Light (#5)

Part # 525-406 Lens, Medium (#10)

Part # 525-407 Lens, Dark (#12)

Welding Shield Assembly:

This assembly is designed to provide visual protection only!


The Welding Shield Assembly (P/N 525-400) covers the entire viewport area of your helmet or mask, and accepts a standard 4 x 5 inch weld glass. This welding shield will retrofit to all SuperLite®, Kirby Morgan® Helmets and BandMasks®. using the same mounting holes as the original, smaller, weld lens assembly. Below (in blue) is a link showing the parts that are included in the kit:

P/N 525-400

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