Kirby Morgan® Quad-Valve Exhaust Kit for SL-17A/B/K, KM37 and KM57

The Quad Valve™ is designed to couple the regulator exhaust with the helmet main exhaust and route them into a single plenum chamber, mounted between the regulator body and main exhaust body. The exhaust gas then must pass through either one of two (or both) exhaust valves that are part of the bubble deflector (whisker). By having an exhaust valve in both sides of the bubble deflector, exhalation resistance is minimized, while still helping to maintain the isolation of the main helmet and regulator exhaust valves.

Contact us to order the Quad-Valve Exhaust Kit for your SL-17A/B/K and KM 37 and 57 Helmet. Ask for P/N 525-759

Below (in blue) is a link showing the contents of the kit and installation instructions:

P/N 525-759

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