Interspiro Diveator Full Face Mask

Interspiro Divator Full Face Mask

The Interspiro line of diving full face masks are second to none! All have been field proven by Government, Military, Commercial & Public Safety Teams around the world. They are primarily used with SCUBA but are often utilised with surface supplied gas as well as rebreathers.

The Divator has been tested by Duke University to 1,800 feet and found to be extremely reliable (unmanned test).  Many Professional Divers around the world choose the Divator. With the addition of our OTS Ambient Breathing Valve, standby divers as well as divers on the surface can effortlessly conserve air.

Interspiro full face masks have been tested by the U.S. Navy Experimental Diving Unit (NEDU) and are Approved for Naval use.

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