C-Tecnics C-Intercom Hyperbaric Chamber Intercom

The C-Tecnics Hyperbaric Chamber Intercom has been designed for mounting in chamber control panels to provide clear and crisp communications to both the entry lock and main lock of Air Diving decompression chambers.


Half rack x 3u high Nominally 241 Wide x 131 High x 200 Deep




400Hx to 10KHz – 7.8W into 8 Ohm

Standby Current

96 – 230VAC Mains, 50-60Hz – External optional 12v input – Standby current 48mA

Exceptional performance has been achieved through the development of up to date electronics utilising digital speech processing to optimise the transmittal of diver’s speech signals and their attenuation under pressurised conditions. The rack-mounted design enables easy incorporation into modern control panels. A hostile environment version is also available for chambers in exposed areas.

• Recording output via phono socket.

• 12v external power supply option for emergency use battery.

• Waterproof speaker with exceptional sound quality.

• Entry lock/main lock selector switch.

• Loudspeaker comms with PTT (Press to talk button.

• Hand held microphone included for option of use in high noise environments.

• Headset output option – headset not included but available.

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