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EasyTouch® wet welding electrodes also have produced Type B certifiable welds in vertical and overhead positions. Slight porosity and hydrogen micro-presence make EasyTouch® less suitable for structural welds. However, they are ideal for almost all non-critical applications where a sound, visually aesthetic weld is required. Both SofTouch® and EasyTouch® are all position, high deposition underwater electrodes.The Wet Welding Standard

SofTouch® premium wet welding electrodes are the standard for commercially available mild and stainless steel wet welding electrodes, while EasyTouch® wet welding electrodes are the highest quality economy electrodes on the market today. Broco® Underwater electrodes produce quality wet welds done right the first time in any position. Divers can make permanent repairs to offshore structures, harbor installations or ocean going vessels.

Broco® Underwater offers the BR-20 or BR-21 Welding Stinger with SofTouch® premium or EasyTouch® economy electrodes to make wet welding easy. Divers can use the self-consuming, drag, or manipulative technique. These smooth running electrodes require little or no pressure.

EasyTouch Utility Wet Welding Electrodes

  • moderately priced electrodes that yield excellent results

  • easy to light, easy to run, and easy to clean

  • high deposition all-position electrode

  • available in 1/8 inch, 5/32 inch and 3/16 inch diameters

  • for non-structural repairs where the resulting weld is allowed more leeway in terms of porosity, inclusions, integrity and appearance

SofTouch Premium Wet Welding Electrodes

  • certifiable underwater weld quality with less labor cost and time consumption

  • consistently meet or exceed AWS D3.6-98 specifications for Type B welds

  • designed to pass all AWS test requirements, including radiograph, bends and hardness

  • BroCote formula makes this electrode particularly impervious to water penetration and denigration

  • available in 1/8 inch, 5/32 inch and 3/16 inch diameters

  • Stainless electrodes are sold in 1/8 inch and 5/32 inch diameters

  • Since 1989, SofTouch® electrodes have been specified in the U.S. Navy’s Ships Husbandry Manual Chapter 11, “Underwater Wet and Dry Chamber Welding.”

Ni-Touch Nickel Wet Welding Electrodes

  • developed to allow underwater wet welding of carbon and high tensile steels

  • produces welds with less porosity and allows deeper welding in the overhead position

  • appropriate for all position groove and fillet welds

  • presently qualified to a water depth of 33 feet

  • test results exceed the the AWS Specification D3.6 for Class B underwater wet welds

  • meets the requirements of the Navy’s Naval Ship Technical Manual NSTM 074

  • typically, yield strengths exceeding 70 ksi and tensile strengths exceeding 80 ksi can be expected from the nickel weld metal in the as-welded condition

BR-21 Welding Stinger

  • new generation compression type welding stinger

  • lightweight and durable, reduces diver fatigue

  • index notch on the head helps divers find rod insertion hole in low-vis environment

  • beveled seat keeps electrode at ideal angle, groove eliminates electrode “wiggle”

  • over-sized head is easier to hold

  • resistance o-ring on the shoulder ensures tension when head is tightened, increasing head life

  • handle and head are from hexagonal stock for sure gripping by a gloved hand

BR-20 Welding Stinger

  • designed to hold the electrode at the optimum angle

  • delivers quality welds while reducing operator fatigue

  • movable jaw design accepts a wide range of electrode diameters

  • meets Mil-H-865D and is Approved for Navy Use (ANU)

  • All brass parts last longer under extreme conditions

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