BROCO GOWELD® Portable MIG Welder

GOWELD is perfect for the On-The-Go welder!  Here’s why:

  • Selected by Popular Mechanics for its Editors Choice Award

  • Permanent, high quality welds

  • Weld with ease in hard-to reach locations, spaces

  • Fast and easy setup saves time and money

  • More repairs can be performed in the field, at the jobsite

  • Lower overhead, with no transportation headaches

State-of-the art technology makes GOWELD the new portable welding solution. Professional welders, do-it-yourselfers, contractors, car and truck enthusiasts, maintenance and repair specialists, HVAC and heavy equipment technicians, and utility workers have discovered GOWELD’s capabilities. Use it for small and large welding jobs on the farm, at the ranch, off road or at home.

GOWELD is the first battery-powered welder to feature an on-board computer and proprietary software giving welders a new level of sophistication and ease in portable welding. With just two-twelve volt batteries GOWELD users can Go Anywhere, Weld Anywhere!® It is the most versatile portable welder available today.


  • On-board computer giving the welder more control resulting in more precise welds in all environments.

  • Optical encoder for true speed control from zero to 1,100 inches per minute yielding the least speed variance for more consistent welds. Speed adjustment/correction occurs 675 times per second.

  • Heavy-duty, high-torque industrial motor.

  • Automatic motor overheat protection and battery over-discharge protection.

  • Maximum power rating of 42 volts DC and 200+ amps current achieving excellent joint penetration on plate as thick as one inch.

  • All metal chassis for strength and support of the motor, drive assembly, trigger micro-switch, gas valve, circuit board and wire spool.

  • LEDs to indicate power, polarity, battery charge condition and motor temperature.

  • One year warranty on parts and labor, excluding consumables.

  • Handle-mounted micro switch and integral gas valve operate directly off the trigger. Ability to pre-flow and post-flow shielding gas.

  • Optional Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) for using GOWELD® as spool gun with conventional welding power sources such as inverter or generator with a constant voltage output that are MIG compatible.


Rated Output: 200 Amps, 42 VDC Rated Input: 200 Amps, 42 VDC (two or three 12 volt batteries) Duty Cycle: 50% Processes: MIG solid wire welding on mild or stainless steels, with argon/CO2 blend shielding gas. Use electrode positive (+) polarity. FCAW flux-cored wire welding; shielding gas is not required. Use electrode negative polarity. MIG solid aluminum wire welding on aluminum, with 100% argon shielding gas. Use electrode positive polarity. Wire Spool Size: 4 in. diameter spools Wire Speed Range: 0 to 1100 inches per minute Wire Diameter Range: .023 in. to .045 in., cored or solid wire

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