BIRNS Snooperette

The BIRNS Snooperette™, BIRNS Model 5672, is the ultimate low-voltage general-purpose underwater light—versatile and low profile (Ø76mm) for a diverse suite of oceanographic uses. It’s incredibly rugged and highly customizable, and can be helmet-mounted, hand-held or yoke-mounted. Its concentrated 3200K white light is excellent for intense illumination, photography and video with a choice of lamps and lenses. With handy instant ON/OFF and hot-restrike capability, it uses detachable cable assembly CEF2S16-x (‘-x’ is the desired length in feet). Optional cable locking sleeves are available in 316 SS (63A-003) or plastic (63A-004).


Highly versatile and tough, the BIRNS Snooperette is rated to 3400M and provides powerful lighting options for diving, submarine, ROV, photography, and offshore oil and gas inspection applications.


  • Brilliant 3200K illumination—with potent internal parabolic reflector and Tungsten-Halogen lamp in focal point

  • Compact (Ø76mm / Ø3″), mountable almost anywhere

  • Fast, easy wire-free maintenance,  30 second tool-free relamping

  • Voltage flexibility—12, 24, 30 or 36 VAC or VDC

  • Customizable with options including 6 lenses, 3 mounts, and 10 lamps

Equipment Needed:

  • BIRNS Snooperette light (which includes choice of lamp and lens)

  • Mount (not required for operation but is useful in some applications)

  • Power Cable Assembly (item CEF2S16-xxx, where “-xxx” is the length in feet.)

Power Cable Assembly:

Model CEF2S16-xxx (xxx=feet long); includes standard cable connector, stainless steel cable locking sleeve (63A-003) and heavy-duty Hubbell plug installed, on 16/2 Aquaprene SO cable.  Available in unbroken lengths up to 1,000 feet.  The cables are made to order, so specify any cable length and/or special configurations.  (Note: the plug is not included on lengths shorter than 20 feet.)


Due to electrical resistance inherent in any power cable, voltage line loss will occur over long cable lengths. This causes a marked decrease in light output in low-voltage lights.  The BIRNS VTX will automatically compensates for cable line loss over any length of any type of cable. The VTX also incorporates a ground-fault circuit interrupter and a dual-line circuit breaker for the ultimate in diver safety and product performance.

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