The most superior three-diver communicators in the industry, the AMCOM III has all of the advantages and high-powered technology of the Amcom II Series communicators under its lid. With separate uplink and downlink volume controls for the tender and each diver, this incredibly powerful communicator possesses highly optimized crystal clear audio and comes with a handheld push-to-talk microphone, as well as automatic volume adjustment technology and the ability to use dynamic and pre-amplified diver microphones.

AC Power
With automatic battery backup power. Rechargeable Gel-cell type battery automatically recharges while operating the unit. The voltage is automatically selectable for 110 or 220VAC, 50 or 60Hz, with built-in isolation transformer. Shipped complete with backup batteries and manual.

Tech Note
All communicators will transfer topside noise to the diver when using the radio speaker only. To eliminate background noise and achieve clear concise communications, use a push to talk microphone or a headset or a remote walk and talk with headset.

A Helium Unscrambler and a Wireless Tender Option is available.

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