Kirby Morgan® Air Control System 5 (KMACS 5)

Price : $4,500

This KMACS 5 has only been used twice for filming a documentary in which it was filmed at an indoor pool. This unit has ZERO exposure to the elements leaving it  looking brand new!

The KMACS 5 controls the diver’s air supply and monitors the diver’s depth.

The air supply can be from either a low pressure compressor or high-pressure cylinders.

The KMACS 5’s adjustable first stage regulator reduces the high-pressure air and supplies low pressure through the umbilical to the diver’s breathing system.

A complete pneumo system with dual reading gauges (both US Standard and Metric) is provided for each diver, as well as a shut-off/bleed system that uses two high-pressure feed lines which allows changing of used cylinders without interruption of the diving operation.

The lightweight, high impact polyethylene plastic case features double wall construction and extra thick corners that ensure exceptional strength and a long work life. An O-ring seal protects hardware from moisture when the case is closed. All latches are stainless steel for maximum work life.