Consignment Kirby Morgan® SL17B Helmet **SOLD**

This helmet was manufactured in 1989 and has been well used.  Some of the fiberglass on the neck ring area is missing (see picture below) but our certified technician states that it causes no problem to the helmet itself.

The helmet is out of certification and will need an Annual Inspection and Overhaul done. It has the old style whiskers and the Annual Service would be a perfect time to upgrade to the Tri-Valve or Quad-Valve exhaust whisker system if you wish.

The helmet comes with the original manual, an inflator whip, a 8″ bailout whip with a male S.S. hydraulic male nipple attached, a weld lens assembly with a #10 shade, original Regulator Adjustment Tool Kit,  and a snoopy.

Price: $3000 or best offer

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