Kirby Morgan® Certified Training

DCI is the only Kirby Morgan® Dive Systems Inc. (KMDSI) Authorized Dealer with a Manufacturer Authorized Training Facility in the Western United States.

TRAINING: The Kirby Morgan Dive Systems Technicians Course is offered here! Get certified to perform the annual certification on your own helmet, or your company’s helmets. In this thorough and detailed course, you will learn how to properly service, maintain and repair your Kirby Morgan helmet or mask. You will also discover the latest tips and tools to fix and fine tune your life support equipment. CONTACT us to reserve your space in an upcoming class!

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2018 Schedule

The course at the DCI facility is 2 days in length from 9am to 5pm each day. Classes are scheduled for Thursday & Friday for the dates below. Please contact DCI if you have special scheduling needs.

February – 15 & 16

March – 08 & 09

April – 05 & 06  CANCELLED

May – 03 & 04

June – 07 & 08

July – 12 & 10

August – 09 & 13

September – 13 & 14

October – 25 & 26

November – 08 & 09

 Schedule is subject to change.

Minimum 2 students to maintain class, maximum capacity 2 students

Please call for additional information. (206) 784-5050

For 2018 course dates saved as a PDF File, click on the link below: